Wednesday, August 6, 2014

September 1st, 2277

<Begin playback>
<9.1.77, 2:51PM>
<PASSWORD: ****>
    //USERID: Vic//
So I went to the Seneca station trying to meet up with Lucy and her new team. It has been almost a month since I last saw her. I managed to catch up with them about half a mile away from the metro.
    "Vic? What are you doing here?" Lucy asked me as I was walking toward her.
    "I came to see how you're doing. Sonora told me where to find you." I replied. Her friends, Gage and Tony, according to Sonora, looked at me, and had their hands firmly on their holstered weapons. Both of them wore Regulator Dusters, Gage had short buzzcut brown hair, and Tony had a hat on with longer blonde hair running down to his shoulders.
    "Don't worry, he's a friend. Or something like that..." Lucy told them. That didn't change their stances though, "Anyway, we can't stand still and chit chat. Let's talk while we go."
    "Alright," I responded as we started moving closer to the Seneca Station, "So, how've you been then?"
    "I'm guessing Sonora told you about Dave," She looked at me, "Honestly, pretty good. I didn't like that bastard anyway. This is Tony, and Gage, by the way." I waved up to them, but Tony didn't look over to me.
    "So, who is this guy, Luce?" Gage looked at me, and then back to her.
    "Some traveler I met back on my mission with Dave and John to GNR."
    "How well do you know him?"
    "Well enough to know he isn't the enemy." She glanced at him and he lost his tention. Letting go of his weapon.
    "Can never be to careful." Tony chimed in, but letting up his guard at the same time.
    "I've been here before. It's just up that way," I lean in front of them and point to two burned up, broken buildings.
    "Ya sure?" Lucy asked me.
    "Hundred percent." I responded.
    We walked the rest of the way in silence. I could tell Gage and Tony didn't really feel comfortable with me around, and Lucy sensed that. We arrived at the stairs down to the metro station, and Gage looked at me.
    "So, anything down there we should look out for?"
    "Last time I was here, there were two ghouls working on some project. Friendly though."
    "Good thing that Dave isn't with us anymore." Lucy chimed in. I remembered when Dave had killed those two ghouls in one of the metros on the way to DC last time I was with him. Without saying anything, we started to go down, me in the lead. I opened the gate, and went in by myself to scout out. I went back to signal them inside.
    "Wait here." I told them, and I started to go toward the door where I last met the two ghouls. The door was opened, and I walked inside. Instantly, I felt a sharp pain in my right foot. I had stepped on a bear trap. I fell down backwards and saw Lucy running toward me.
    "Who's that?!" A ghoul voice yelled out. Gage and Tony ready their weapons, while Lucy tries to free me. I see Barrett walk toward me with a rifle pointing right at Lucy. I reach for my holstered pistol and switch the safety off, but I am too late. Barrett fires his rifle and moments later Lucy is on the ground, not moving.
    "Shit!" Gage screamed as he ran up to her, Tony aimed at Barrett and fired his assault rifle several times. I had also been shooting at him with my pistol. Within seconds, the ghoul collapses, and crashes into a desk behind him. Tony rushes over to me and pulls me free. I look over at Lucy, and Gage looks up to me.
    "Alive, but barely. She was shot in the arm here," He points toward her left arm, and I can see how disfigured it is, "We need a doctor right away."
    "H-hey!" A ghoul screamed. Tony and Gage get up and ready their weapons. A Ghoul, Murphy, I remembered, came up to us with his hands raised, "I am so sorry about what just happened, Barrett... he... he is too careless. Listen, I can help her, please, just bring her in here." Tony and Gage look at each other, then to me. I nod, and they bring her inside. I manage to get up, my ankle in pain, but it isn't too bad.
    "Who are you?" Gage asked Murphy.
    "My name is Murphy, I am a ghoul scientist and medical expert," He pointed toward an empty table, where Gage and Tony place Lucy down, "Over there, bring me that case." Gage went over and retrieved the case.
    "I'm sorry about your friend, but he shot first." Tony said, staring at Murphy's ravashed face.
    "I know." He said, beginning to poke at Lucy's wound, she still being unconcious.
    "Will she be okay?" I ask him, he doesn't seem to recognize me, "This wound is very serious. Barrett is a good shot," Tony grits his teeth, "We may need to amputate."
    "Amputate? What?" Gage shouts, "The hell-"
    "Listen, buddy," Murphy turns toward him,"She was shot with a powerful rifle, and landed in a pile of dirt and radroach shit. She's probably already infected, and I don't have the necessary tools to clean all this crap out. I need you to go and get me that bonesaw on the shelf, and about a dozen stimpacks." Gage complies, and grabs the saw, while I go into my pack and get my seven stims out and hand them to Tony, who is shuffling for more.
    "Here." Tony says as he hands the bag of stims to Murphy.
    "Ok, listen up. She is probably going to wake up here. I need you three to restrain her. This isn't going to be pretty." We get into place, and he begins to remove her jacket, revealing her naked torso. I take hold of her right arm, trying not to look at her. Tony and Gage get into place, as Murphy raises his arm, saw in hand, and crashes it down onto her left shoulder. She instantly wakes up and screams, I try to hold her in place the best I can, and Murphy is finishing up the initial cut.
    "FFFUUUUUCCCKKKKK-" she screams, making me shake, as she quickly falls back into a comotose state.
    "Ok, I need you to bring me that shishkebab over in my closet, second shelf." Murphy points, as Tony rushes over and opens the closet door, and grabs the weapon, handing it to Murphy. He places it onto Lucy's severed shoulder.
    "Ok, we are going to need to get her to some advanced help after this. My ankle is fucked up, so one of you two needs to go get some help." I tell Gage and Tony.   
    "Yeah, I will go back to back to the HQ and bring some people back here," Tony says, as he looks at Gage, who nods. "She'd better stay alive." He then rushes off out of the room, and back outside. Murphy finishes with his sword thing, and gets bandages, while injecting her wound with stimpacks.
    "Is she... going to be ok?" I ask, as he is performing his operation.
    "I don't know." He says, looking at me with that blank ghoul face. By now it was around 1PM.
    "Gage," I looked at him, "What was your mission here anyways?"
    "We were supposed to wait out here for a few hours," He told me, "A talon squad was supposed to come here and we were supposed to ambush... shit."
    "Wait, when are they supposed to arrive?" I asked him, worried.
    "Sometime around..." he looked at the piece of paper he had in his pocket, "4 or 5."
    "I doubt Tony will be back with reinforcements by then... hell it took over night to even get here." I responded.
    "Yeah, but if he runs there at full speed, he could maybe get there by the end of the day."
    "We'd better get ready for Talon then," I look through my pack, "How many are supposed to be in a squad?"
    "Three or four."
    "Hey, hey, hey, wait a second here," Murphy chimed in, "I ain't getting involved in this back and forth nonsense I... thought I could work here in peace."
    "We don't need you, just stay low," Gage told him, "Make sure that she doesn't die."
    "I am gonna look around for things in the other room." I piped up, and then left Murphy's lab and into the other service room beside it. Now I am making this log. If there are no more updates, then it seems that I've died in the battle that will come. Victor out.
    <Beep, beep, beep>
    <Playback complete>

Thursday, January 5, 2012

August 31st, 2277

<Begin playback>
<8.31.77, 6:15PM>
<PASSWORD: ****>
    //USERID: Vic//
    So, my old pip-boy crapped out on me. It took me a long time to find another one. I searched some of the vaults for new ones, but it was no luck. Well, until I found a room filled to the brim with some. In Vault 106. That's the first vault I checked. Full Circle. God damn. Any way, I decided to check up on the Regulaters, so I decided to head down to the HQ. On the way, I  ran into some Enclave. In case you were unaware, the Enclave have started killing people on  sight around here. I evaded their laser shots for a while and ran. They could have chased me down, but I guess they had better things to do at the time. Thank Christ, man. So, I arrived at the HQ and went toward the door. As I went for the knob someone from the other side opened it.
    "Whoops," I said, "Sorry,"
    The man was silent as he passed me. I turned and look at him for a second.
    "Hey," I shouted and walked over to him,"The suit you're wearing... it's a vault suit, right?"
    "Yeah." He answered in a monotone voice.
    "101? Vault 101 opened!?"
    "Well, not exactly."
    "I don't understand. Are you from the vault?"
    "Yeah, my father and I escaped. I'm looking for him now."
    "Well, hope you find him."   
    He was mysterious, but polite. I wanted to ask him more, but I could tell he was in sort of a hurry. I turned to the door and opened it. I walked upstairs through the run-down shack and saw Sonora.
    "Well, Vic."
    "Hey, how's it goin'?
    "I take it that the plan worked?"
    "Well, we're alive, rigth?"
    "I guess so," It was good news, "How's Dave and Lucy?"
    "Dave's dead," She answered to my dismay, "Lucy's on a mission, now."
    "She, Gage, and Tony just left for Seneca Station an hour ago."
    "Glad you're ok," I told her," I'll go see if I can catch up."
    "Stay safe."
    I walked back down the stairs and saw very few regulaters. I assumed that they were on missions.
    I opened the door and checked my Pip-Boy Map. By the way, the interface on this one seems a little updated.
    I stopped after about an hour of walking. It was getting dark. Now, I'm doing today's log. It's been a while. I think
    I'll go a little more and look for a good place to sleep.
    <Beep, beep, beep>
    <End Playback>

Saturday, November 26, 2011

August 9th, 2277, 7:54PM

//    Well, I woke up and glanced at the Vault Door. It was opened. I was freaked out and
    my leg felt pain as a looked around. I looked at it and saw my pack was gone. I looked
    around the room and saw it, empty, across the cave. I guessed that someone found
    me, sleeping and with a bullet wound, against the wall and thought I was dead.
    Well, at least I'm alive, I thought. I heard gunshots from within the vault. I quickly
    tried to stand. I got up and leaned against the wall. My leg felt a little better. but
    it wasn't great. Far from it, in fact. More gunshots came from the vault. My laser rifle
    was gone, but my pistol wasn't. I grabbed it off of my belt and checked it. It looked
    fine. As I was limping toward the Vault Door I heard a door open inside and laser shots
    fire. Was it my laser rifle? A guy in a armored duster ran out of the vault and saw me.
    "Whoa, who da fuck are you?!" He shouted.
    "Here, dude, take this!" He threw an Assault Rifle at me and I caught it," Damn loonies
    in here. Shoot 'em!"
    A few crazed men in vault suits who looked shockingly similar ran out toward us.
    "Ahaha Garrrryyy~!" The shouted.
    The guy in the duster shot them with my laser rifle and I shot as well. I was
    inaccurate as hell, though.
    "Learn to fuckin' aim, man!" He yelled at me, "Shoot, dumbass!"
    I steadied and shot a few bullets at one of the crazies. After all four were dead, the
    guy turned to me, holstering my rifle.
    "Aren't you that dead guy?" He looked at me and pointed at the ground where I was.
    "I was sleeping," I said,"You the guy who took all my shit?"
    "Yeah, and you ain't getting it back," He snapped,"I'll let ya live, cuz I'm a nice guy."
    He turned to the door to the outside and opened it, "Good luck, man." He walked out.
    I looked at the assault rifle and reloaded it. I limped toward the door and opened it.
    I saw him walking off, and thought to my self.
    Shoot him and take my stuff back? Or let him leave?
    I aimed my assault rifle at him from about 30 yards and fired. I held the trigger until
    the gun ran dry. He fell down and rolled down the slope. I limped toward him and
    looked at him. After about thirty seconds he shook and started to get back up.
    "You..." He started, "Dumb... mutha...fucka..." He got out a pistol from his belt and
    aimed it at me.
    I reloaded the assault rifle and looked at him. He looked like he was in shock a bit.
    He dropped the gun and fell to his knees. Blood poured out of his mouth.
    Did my shots just get him? I wondered and went toward him. He collapsed and some
    random items rolled out of his duster. I looked at his back where I shot him and saw
    three holes. Only three went through? Damn. He must've been stupid to think I wouldn't
    try something. I heard clanging over the hill. I stumbled over and saw a caravan.
    "Hey!" I screamed. The two guys looked toward me.
    "You need somethin'?" The caravaneer asked.
    "Please, "I started, "Please, come here!"   
    They walked toward me and saw the body, "The hell happened here?"
    "Yeah, I need help," I limped toward him a bit, "My leg's been shot."
    "Dom, help him," The merchant said, "We'll get him to Canterbury."
    "Yeah." Dom said.
    "Thanks, guys." Dom handed me a crutch. I didn't see where he got it, but it helped.
    "My name's Crow, by the way." The merchant said.
    "Yeah, I'm Vic."
    We headed back to Canterbury and Roe saw me.
    "Damn, one minute you're fine, "He shook his head, "Next, you're all shot up."
    "You look like you'll need some new armor, Vic." Crow said to me.
    "Yeah." I said.
    "I have some better equipment if you're interested." He offered.
    "Like what?"
    "Best I got is some Mk. III Combat Armor," He told me," 350 Caps."
    "Damn, I don't have that much," I told him, "Shit! I spent it all on the damn laser rifle
    and that guy stole it! I never got it back!"
    "Well, that sucks." Roe said.
    I turned to Dom," I'll give you my extra caps if you go and get it back for me?"
    "Yeah, sure. On that dead guy?" He asked.
    "Yeah, "I confirmed," Thanks."
    He left for the laser rifle.
    "If you want to sleep at my place again, you're welcome to." Roe said.
    "Sure, thanks Roe." I limped over to his place and waited outside for Dom.
    Crow waited as well. After about an hour, we saw an explosion off in the direction.
    The town got out and looked. It seemed as if it was a Mini-nuke from a Fatman.
    "Dom!" Crow yelled,"Shit!"
    "What was that?" I asked.
    "I dunno..."
    After a few minutes we say something fly in the distance. I'd never seen anything fly
    before. I'd heard about it from people and read about it in books, but this was different.
    It flew in our direction and right on over the town.
    "Enclave!" Roe shouted.
    "The radio guys?" I asked.
    "They always talk like they're the saviors of America. They just fly around and blow
    shit up, apparently."
    "Dom probably got in the way, from the look of it." I said," Sorry, Crow..."
    "Damn it!" He yelled,"He was a good man."
    I checked my Pip-Boy's time. It said 7:21PM. I went inside and recorded this log.Time
    to sleep.
        <Beep, beep, beep>

Saturday, November 5, 2011

August 8th, 2277 8:13PM

//    Well, I woke up at around 7AM in Roe's house. I thanked him and decided to head
    south. After a while I saw a few rougue protectrons. They started firing lasers at me.
    I pulled out my new Laser Rifle and aimed it at one of the two and shot. The laser beam
    hit it and it bursted in electricity. It feel down and turned off. The other was shooting
    at me. I ducked by a rock and reloaded my rifle. I looked over and didn't see it. I saw
    a big cloud of electricity by a rock. I went to look and saw a crazy guy in  a vault suit.
    I was freaked out. I shot him twice in the chest and he fell down. His chest glowed a
    bit and he shook around on the ground. I looked at him and he pulled out a pistol and
    shot me in the leg.
    "Shit!" I yelled and pointed my rifle at the crazy vault guy.
     I shot him in the face while he moaned, "Garrrrryyyyyyy~"
    I limped over to a wooden door. It looked like the wooden door near Vault 101. I pushed
    it open and fell inside. Blood was pouring out of my leg. I slung around my pack and
    grabbed a stimpak and some bandages out of it. I wrapped my leg in the bandages
    and smashed the stim into it. It hurt at first and then felt great. I still couldn't walk
    on it though. I looked down the cave and saw some radroaches moving toward me.
    "Damn," I moaned and took out my pistol. I shot the three of them a few times and
    they squished to the dirt. I saw an open vault door down the path. I got up and leaned
    against the cave's wall. I slowly limped toward the open vault door. There was a
    control panel that was blinking. I heard a bunch of wild screaming.
    "GAAAAARRRRRRRRYYYYY~!" I heard. What the hell was that? I smacked the control
    panel and the vault door began to make noise. The lights strobed and the door
    shook. It slid over and covered the entrance. The number painted on the door said
    '108'. It closed and I no longer heard the frantic 'Gary!' screaming. I was confused.
    I turned around and left the cave. I could barely walk on my leg and it started to
    hurt again. I slapped another stimpak and started to think. I heard gunfire around the
    rocks and thought to myself.
    "I'm fucked." I thought. I started to walk north back to Canterbury for help. I saw
    a few brahmin and raiders fighting. The brahmin looked like caravan brahmin. One of
    them died and the other one charged a raider and it smashed him up. The other raider
    shot him and started looting the packs. I decided that, maybe if there were medical
    supplies there, I would need them. I snuck over there and brought out my laser rifle.
    I aimed it at him from about ten feet. I shot twice and the blasts hit his neck. He fell
    down, paralyzed, and started begging for his life. I looked at him and looked through
    the packs. I found some medicine and ammo. The only problem was that I had no
    fucking clue how to use this crap. My leg ached and I limped back to the Vault cave to
    study it. I f I couldn't figure it out, I'd head to Canterbury. I opened the bandages on
    my leg and saw the gruesome bullet wound. There was a hole on one side and not one
    on the other, so it was still in there. That was bad, right? I looked in the first aid box
    and saw some surgical equipment and some needles and stimpaks. I jabbed my leg with
    three stimpaks just in case. I was scared. I then took one of the three odd needles and
    read the label on it.
    "Numb" it read. That was when you couldn't feel it, right? I hoped so. I used it and after
    a while, I couldn't feel my leg. I took some of the tools and opened up the hole a bit.
    It looked so horrible. I saw the bullet lodged in there. I took the tweezers and a tried
    to get it out. It sounded all squishy and nasty. Blood was still pouring out. I got the
    bullet and quickly pulled it out. I threw it at the wall and wrapped my leg back up.
    I started to feel again and didn't like it. I guess that shot was just a short-term aid.
    After I thought about it for a while, the wound wasn't too bad. It could have been
    a lot worse. After waiting about an hour I checked my Pip-Boy clock and saw that
    it was 5:30PM. I decided to start preparing for sleep. I took off my pack and put
    my leg on it for comfort. I started the recording and now it is...
//    6:13PM. Well, that's it for today.
        <Beep, beep, beep>   
        <Power: OFF>

Friday, October 28, 2011

August 7th, 2277, 8:12PM

//    Well, I backed out of this Regulator business. I gave the tape to Sonora and told her
    that I wouldn't help. I couldn't. I didn't want to die for some war I didn't understand.
    Well, let me start from last night. When I gave her the holotape.
    "What the fuck?" She yelled.
    "This is fucking horrible! We only have six guys here." Lucy said.
    "Well, I'm sorry, but I don't want to die..." I started, "I think I'm going to head out."
    "What? Vic, we need everyone we can get!" Lucy yelled at me.
    "No..." I said," I..I can't do this anymore. It's too much for me. I wanted to explore
    and discover things. Not fucking die!"
    "I understand, Vic," Sonora told me," I have a plan any way. We'll bomb the hell out
    of the scrapyard."
    "How?" A Regulator asked.
    "Well, it's a scrap yard, right?" She started," We bring in some old junk cars that still
    have nuke-juice in 'em. Hide some mines. When they're about to attack we activate
    it. They're all blown to hell."
    "That's brilliant." Dave said.
    "Yeah..." I said.
    They let me stay for the night. In the morning, I got up and said goodbye. They told
    me that there was a town to the east. Canterbury Commons. I decided to head
    there. It was around 11 when I left the HQ. Lucy said goodbye. I wondered if it was
    for good. I was alone again. After about an hour of walking I met a Wasteland hostile.
    Just a radscorpion and feral Brahmin. I grabbed my shotgun and aimed at the armored
    insect. I popped it thrice and it died. The brahmin went crazy. It started charging at
    me. I aimed my gun and took a shot. I missed. I fucking missed!  The brahmin's heads
    slammed into me and I flew back. My gun was no where to be found. It was so ironic
    that I leave them and now I'm about to die. Well, I didn't. You could probably tell
    because I'm still alive to record a log about it. Heh. Well, spoilers aside, The brahmin
    was about to crush me with it's legs when I remembered I had a 10MM pistol on my
    belt. I grabbed it and shot wildly at the animal. The bullets didn't do much when hitting
    it's body, but the four shots that met it's heads killed it. I got up and dusted off. Damn.
    My stomach hurt like hell. I looked for my shotgun and couldn't find it. All I had was a
    basic pistol. I decided not to waste time and went for Canterbury. On they way I
    saw a brahmin in the distance over a hill. Great, I thought. However it was odd. It
    had a bunch of bags on it. A caravan! Yes!
    "Hey!" I screamed and ran toward it.
    "Hello?" A man said.
    "Over here." I said, "You have any guns for sale?" I was panting a bit.
    "Uh, yes. I have hot death in a variety of flavors." He told me. He wore a yellowish
    jumpsuit and hat a wat with goggles on it. He also had a nice beard.
    "Whatcha got?" I asked.
    "Take a look." He told me and went to the pack brahmin. His caravan guard looked
    uneasy. I admit, I was being odd, "Here."
    I looked at the pile of guns and saw a combat shotgun exactly like my old one that
    I had just lost. I also saw some other interesting things. I saw an assault rifle,
    hunting rifle, sawed off shotgun, Chinese pistol, and an energy weapon, Laser
    Rifle, I guessed.
    "What's that energy weapon? Laser Rifle?" I asked.
    "Why, yes. Interested?" He asked me
    "Sure, how much? Ammo, too?"
    "Well, I give you a bundle deal. This Laser Rifle and sixty micro-fusion cells for only
    400 caps."
    Damn, I thought. I only had about 750, "Sure. Deal."
    I handed the caps and he handed the gun and ammo box.
    "Where you headed, kid?" He asked.
    "Canterbury Commons." I told him.
    "Well, damn. Me too." He told me, "Come on, we're almost there."
    I needed a change of clothes at this point. I had only some reinforced leather armor
    that Moira gave me back in Megaton," Have any armor?" I asked.
    "No, sorry, kid." He told me.
    I saw Canterbury in the distance. We were almost there. 
    "Well, you better go in. I stay in front of town." The caravaneer said, "By the way
    I'm Lucky."
    "Thanks, Lucky, I'm Vic. See ya 'round." I told him and went into town. It looked like
    a mini DC. Destoryed road and buildings. Thw whole world looked like this. I was
    greeted by a bald man.
    "Hello, there, traveler," A bald guy greeted me into town, "Welcome to Canterbury
    Commons, I'm Roe."
    "Yeah, thanks,"I thanked him,"So what do you do around here?"
    "Well, we live," He answered.
    "Oh. Ok."
    "If you need anything just ask me."
    "Yeah, ok."
    I walked around and saw a girl walking around the town. She walked up to me.
    "Who're you?" She asked me.
    "Uh.. just stopping by." I told her.
    "Not what I asked, dumbass,"She insulted, "Who. Are. You?"
    "I'm Vic," I answered," You?"
    "Call me Machete." She said.
    "Machete? What's your real name?" I asked her.
    "I said. Call me Machete." She said.
    "Well, then," I said,"What are you? A cop?"
    "Junior officer enforcer, thank you very much."
    "Oh, alright."
    She walked away and resumed her patrol. I saw a diner like place and walked toward
    it. There was a guy that looked like he was selling stuff.
    "Hello?" I poked in.
    "Hey, welcome to Canterbury. I'm Joe Porter," He got a bottle and handed it to me,"
    Take this. On the house."
    "Oh, uh... thanks," I put it in my pack,"Anything else?"
    "Sure, take a look at the menu." He handed me a scorched book with scribbles on it.
    I read what I could:
        -Brahmin Steak
        -Ant meat
        -Sugar Bombs
        -Crunchy Mutfruit
    "How many sugar bombs do you have?" I asked
    "13 Caps a box. I got six," He told me,"Want 'em?"
    "Yeah, ok." I handed him 78 caps and he gave me the food and I put it in my pack.
    "Thanks, man." He said to me.
    "Yeah, thanks." I said and walked out. There was a lot of rubble blocking a path, so
    there was another road and I took it. There was a brahmin pen in front of me and
    Machete walked around and scared the hell out of me.
    "Hah, you suck." She laughed.
    "Sure..." I grunted and she continued around.
    Suddenly, I heard gunfire in the main streets.
    "Die, evil doer!" I heard. What the hell? I looked around the corner into the main
    street and saw a few big robots fighting a few giant ants. There were two guys in
    costumes, too. A robot dressed guy and an ant...?
    The robots murdered the ants in seconds with laser cannons. The ant guy ran away
    and the robots and robot guy chased him.
    "Sorry 'bout that." Roe said to me.
    "Who were those guys?" I asked.
    "Well there's the Mechanist, the robot guy. And the AntAgonizer, the lady in the ant
    "What...what..?" I didn't understand what that was.
    "Yeah, they're kind of odd. Annoying. They come into town every once in a while and
    fight each other. I have no clue as to why. The AntAgonizer is the badguy, and the
    Mechanist is the goodguy. At least that's what they think. I don't know..."
    "Yeah..." I noticed the sky fade, "Any where I can sleep for the night?"
    "Well, you can sleep in my place if ya want?" He offered.
    "Yeah, ok," I accepted, "Thanks." He showed me the place. I decided to just sleep
    in the corner near the door. Nothing happened for a while so I recorded this log.
    I'm gonna go to corner now. Heh.
        <Beep, beep, beep>
        <Power: OFF>

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

August 6th, 2277, 10:10PM

//    Well, we made it back the Regulator HQ...
    So I was woken by Dave at 9 sharp.
    "Get up." He said.
    "Augh, ok..." I said, rubbing my eyes, "Where's Lucy?"
    "She's outside," He told me,"Get ready."
    I ate some sugar bombs. Like always, ha. Three Dog came in and talked to me.
    "So, what's up?" He asked me.
    "Eh, just eating, "I said, "Thanks for the bed, man."
    "No problemo," He said," Hey listen, you're goin' with those regulators, right?"
    "Yeah, why?" I asked, crunching on the sugar bombs.
    "Well, that Dave guy was kind of weird. And I need someone I can trust, "He said,"Is
    that you?"
    "I guess so, why?" I put down the box.
    "Yeah, well, if you meet the regulata' boss, give 'er this." He handed me a box.
    "Uhh, sure what is it?" I asked him.
    "It's a holotape I found. She'll need ta hear," He told me, "Give it a listen if ya
    "Ok, thanks, I guess."
    "Oh, and uh.. take this for helpin' me out." He handed me thirty caps,"Don't die out
    there, dude."
    "Thanks, I'll try not to." I finished my sugar bombs and packed up. I put the package
    into my pack. I went outside and saw Lucy and Dave where John had died.
    "Where is he?" I asked.
    "They took him away and buried him. Along with the dead brotherhood guys." Lucy
    told me.
    "Oh..." I paused, "Ok."
    "Let's get moving, we need to get back to the HQ." He told us.   
    "Hey, I've got a question..." I said, "I thought Regulators were like bounty hunters,
    yet you guys seem like couriers."
    "We're told that if we find any one while on our missions to take notice and take them
    down. We just haven't found anyone yet." Dave told me.
    "Oh, ok."
    We backtracked how we came into DC and had no trouble. As we left Farragut,
    however, we found a few feral ghouls wandering by the gates.
    "Feral Ghouls..." Lucy informed.
    We shot them and they collapsed. We left the metro and went north. They knew were
    the Regulator HQ was, not me, so I followed them. It was apparently in the
    north. Three Dog told me to give this holotape to the leader. Too bad he didn't tell
    me who that was.
    "So... who's the leader of the Regulators?" I asked.
    "Sonora." Dave answered.
    "Oh, ok.."
    We continued toward the HQ and met a huge pack a feral dogs on the way. At least
    "Welp, we're fucked." Lucy said.
    "Take cover on that rock!  They can't reach us there!" Dave shouted.
    We climbed on a jagged tall rock. The crazed dogs tried jumping up but slid down.
    We got our guns and started picking them off. Whoever had been housing these
    things must've been bested. After we killed about half the others started to flee.
    Good riddance. It was getting dark.
    "We can make it," Dave said. I hoped he was right. Nothing worse than the wasteland
    at night, "There!" He shouted.
    All I saw was a little farm house in the distance.
    "That?" I asked, That's the HQ?"
    "Doesn't look like a lot, but... well that's it." Lucy told me.
    "Come on." Dave told us.
    We dashed and Dave knocked on the door, "This is Dave, Lucy, and a wastelander."
    "What's a waster doing with you?" Someone behind the door asked.
    "He helped us out." Lucy told them.
    "Whatever, we're gonna watch him, though." The door slid open.
    I saw about ten guys on the first floor. It was odd..
    "Why are there so little here?" I asked.
    "Well, most of us are on missions most of the time. We usually just stop by to get our
    missions and update our bounty list, " Dave told me, "Come on, Sonora'll want to see
    We walked upstairs and we met with a girl in an odd cowboy hat.
    "Hello, Dave, Lucy, Jo- " She stopped," Where's John?"
    "KIA" Dave answered.
    "Damn!" She said, "Well, who's this?"
    "My name is Victor, "I told her, "Victor Dunn."
    "Well, howdy there Vic, "She greeted me, "So you've been helping these guys then?"
    "Well, I guess so." I replied.
    "So are you interested in becoming a Regulator, Vic?" Se asked.
    "Well, not really," I answered, "I like just exploring the world."
    "Ok, then," She said,"Dave, how was the mission? You get to Three Dog?"
    "Hey, uh.. can I step out for a bit?" I asked.
    "Sure, "Sonora replied, "Fine with me."
    I left while they were talking to record today's log. And listen to that holotape...
        <Start Playback: [.......]>
        <Filename: //Talon Co. Plans, Regulator takedown.>
//    Ok, all you Talon Co. Mercs out there, we need you to get rid of the damn regulators.
    We've had many run-ins with them and they seem to mean business, ya hear? So,
    we're going to get as many mercs as possible to attack their base of operations.
    Meet at the scrapyard near their base and attack on the 10th.
    We're copying this tape and sending it to all squads.
        <Beep, beep, beep>
//     I'd better give this to Sonora...
        <Beep, beep, beep>

August 5th, 2277, 9:56PM

//    Well, I'm starting to have second thoughts about staying with these regulaters.
    Last night after my log recording, before we went to sleep, we talked about the
    ghoul thing, and why Dave killed them... He said that he knew they'd turn feral
    and wouldn't change his story. Eh, let me start with this morning.
    So, I woke up to Lucy screaming at me.
    "Wake up, Vic!"
    "Augh... Damn," It hurt my head, "Yeah, yeah, I'm awake."
    "Eat something and let's go." Dave instructed me.
    "Yeah, ok." I ate some sugar bombs and a mutfruit. As we left the maintenance room,
    I saw the two dead ghouls lying next to the door. It pissed me off.
    We traveled through the rest of the Farragut Metro and met some Super Mutants
    outside. Three of them. They didn't see us.
    "Shh, we'll try to sneak past them..." Dave said.
    We snuck past them until John tripped. Damn! He tripped on a rock.
    "Ah, damn!" He screamed, "Awww.....shit..."
    "WHAT WAS THAT?" A mutant yelled.
    "TIME TO DIE!"
    "Run? Or shoot?" Lucy asked.
    "Both." Dave said.
    We got out our weapons and backpeddled. One of the mutants ran toward us with a
    nail board. John threw down a frag mine and the dumb mutant stepped on it.
    It didn't kill him, but it downed him. The other two had assault rifles and wore a lot of
    armor. We ran into a building for cover. After a while the other two mutants stopped
    looking for us.
    "Next time, John... "I said, "Don't fuck up."
    "Yeah, uh... sorry."
    We looked around the building and found a gun cabinet with a few rifles inside. We took
    the ammo and used some rifle parts to repair our guns a bit.
    "Let's go." Dave said.
    We walked out of the building and started heading somewhere.
    "So, where exactly are we going?" I asked.
    "Galaxy News Radio." Dave said.
    "We need to speak with Three Dog." He told me.
    "Oh, ok." I said and we continued.
    We got to the GNR building and there were Brotherhood guys everywhere. One walked
    up to us.
    "This is Brotherhood territory. State you business."
    "We are regulaters, and we need to see Three Dog." Dave told him.
    "Fine, but any funny stuff and you are all dead."
    "Yeah." Dave brushed him off.
    We went up stairs into the building. As we got to the door where Three Dog was, Dave
    turned to me.
    "Vic, you're not an official Regulater so I need you to stay out here."
    "Oh, come on, Dave," Lucy complained.
    "No, he can't be fully trusted."
    "I understand," I told him.
    As they went inside, a brotherhood paladin approached me.
    "Still alive, I see." He said,and took off his helmet.
    "Jameson!" I yelled," Oh, wow, nice to see you again."
    "Yeah, so what have you been up to?" He asked me, helmet held on his hip.
    "Well, I'm traveling with these regulaters. I don't know what they're talking about
    in there, but I don't really care."
    "Well, stay safe, Vic." He walked away and put his helmet back on. It was nice to know
    he was still alive.
    After a while of waiting, Lucy and John came out.
    "Dave is staying here for a while and told us to patrol n' stuff." John told me.
    "You can tag along, if you want." Lucy chimed in.
    "Uh, yeah, sure." I told them
    As we were walking down the stairs to the front door we heard an explosion. The
    whole building shook.
    "Damn!" John yelled.
    "Everyone outside!" A paladin said, grabbing his laser rifle.
    "Shit, should we go out to?" I asked.
    "Well, we can't just stay here!" Lucy yelled.
    Three Dog and Dave came out and went toward us.
    "Everything alright, guys?" Three Dog asked. This was the first time I'd seen him. He
    looked radical.
    "Yeah, you two should continue on what you're doing." John said.
    "Ok. Be safe." Dave told us.
    "Yeah, fight the good fight!" Three Dog yelled.
    We opened the doors and saw bullets flying.
    "Shit, lay low!" I yelled. There were sandbags to take over beside us.
    A paladin was screaming to us," You civilians get back inside!"
    "No, we can help!" Lucy yelled.
    "Don't die!" He told us.
    Super mutants had flooded the plaza. There were so many of them. Dozens.
    There were only about seven paladins, though. I saw a paladin get shot right next to
    me. His head was blown off by a sniper rifle. His gun slid near me. It was a weird energy
    weapon that I'd never seen before. I grabbed it and blind-fired over the sandbags.
    It shot a green energy bolt that hit a wall on the other side of the plaza and melted
    the concrete. I heard a super mutant scream. I guessed I almost hit him. I heard
    another giant explosion.
    "Fatman!" A paladin screamed.
    "Shit, I hope that's on our side..." Lucy griped.
    I'd never heard of a fatman before, "What the hell is that?" I asked.   
    "A mini-nuke launcher." Se told me
    Shit. Well we'd either be dead soon or saved soon, I thought.
    "Backup!" A paladin told us, "Don't worry, civilians."
    I took my energy weapon and shot a few more times over the sandbag wall. I saw
    three more brotherhood guys come from behind the super mutant front. One had
    the fatman I could see. Some of the mutants ran off. Some tried and failed. The others
    stuck it out. John got up from cover to move up. As he was moving he was shot three
    times with an automatic weapon.
    "Shit!" Lucy screamed!
    Fuck, John!" I boomed, he fell down on his back on the steps, blood poured out.
    A paladin boomed," Civilian down!"
    We weren't civilians, damn it. There were only a few more muties left. I shot a few more
    energy shots at one on a ledge. They went through him leaving a melted hole. He
    grasped for life and fell off. The rest were then killed as well. Lucy and I rushed to
    John, but it was too late. He was dead.
    "All clear!" A paladin screamed. I saw only three dead brotherhood guys and at least
    twenty dead muties. We rushed up to where Three Dog and Dave had been.
    We busted open the door.
    "Is everything ok?" Three Dog asked us.
    "No, we lost a few guys, including John." Lucy said, starting to sob a little.
    "Shit..." Dave said.
    "Muties dead?" Three Dog asked.
    "We think so." I said.
    "Well, that's good at least. Sorry about your friend," He said, "He fought the good
    Dave got up at faced Three Dog, "Well we need to go now." He said.
    "Yeah, take care." He said.
    Lucy started to cry.
    "Stop it," Dave told her, "Get over it and pay attention."
    "Why are you being such a douchebag, Dave?" I asked him.
    "Don't talk to me like that, wastelander."
    "Whatever, where do we need to go next?" I asked.
    "We need to go back to HQ, "He said, "You, however, I don't know."
    "So, you don't want me along any more?"
    "It's your choice." He told me.
    I glanced at Lucy for a second, she looked sad,"I'd like to tag along again, if you don't
    mind." I told him.
    "Fine, then," He told me, "We'll leave first thing in the morning, then. It's getting late."
    He turned to Three Dog again, "Any where we can stay a night?"
    "Yeah, sure, I got a few beds in the back room, if you want." He informed us.
    "Ok, thank you, Three Dog," Dave thanked him,"I'm heading up, you two come when you're
    "Ok," I said, he walked off," You ok, Lucy?" I asked.
    "Y-yeah," She said, "I'm going to sleep..." She wandered after Dave.
    I went outside for a bit to think. Then, I started the log...
        <Beep, beep, beep.>

August 4th, 2277, 10:18PM

//    So, we got up at around 10 and ate some breakfast. They had a surplus of Nuka-Cola
    so I took one. Dave had a Brahmin Steak, John had one too. Lucy pulled out a box of
    sugar bombs and some Yumyum eggs. I took out my box of sugar bombs and Lucy
    looked at me.
    "Ha, you like 'em too?" She giggled.
    "Yeah, never leave home without them."
    After we ate our meals we moved out of the cave. Light peered through the cracks in
    the rocks that we used to cover us in. We moved them away and packed up. We walked
    for a while and found a building. There was a raider going inside.
    "Looks like a raider stronghold." Dave suggested.
    "Yeah." John said
    "Should we just go around it?" I asked.
    "I think we should, there's only four of us and who knows how many are in there." Lucy
    "Yeah, for now, at least. Come on, over here." Dave lead us around the building. The
    sign on it said, Super Duper Mart. We walked south along the Potomac until we met a
    few Brotherhood of Steel Paladins on patrol.
    "Hey, you guys." One of them said.
    "Yeah?" Lucy answered.
    "What's your business here?" One said, gripping his laser rifle.
    "Why?" Dave questioned.
    "We have an operation going on. You need to take another route." The paladin said.
    "Or what?" Dave asked.
    "Or we exterminate you." The Paladin said, seriously. I got a little freaked out.
    "I guess we'll move along, then." Dave said to him.
    We went around their perimeter.
    "What was all that about?" Lucy asked.
    "Ah, who knows," John said,"Brotherhood always up to stuff."
    "Yeah, and he meant what he said," Dave chimed, "I could tell."
    "A paladin helped me out before when I was in DC. He was pretty cool." I said.
    "So you've been to DC, before?" John asked me.
    "Yeah, only for a few days. I was with a regulater named Richard."
    "Richard?" Dave asked, quizzically.
    "Yeah, he died in a battle with super mutants. We were trying to help a ghoul get
    to Underworld."
    "So that's what happened to him, "Dave said," Damn, I guess I expected it.
    "Well, he was sent with five others, too. After a few days, three of them came back
    and said that some died and were seperated. Did he get to the monument?"
    "Yeah, we got there. It didn't work." I told him.
    "I bet. Signal's still shit at GNR." Lucy said.
    "Wait a second," Dave stopped us, "I hear somethin'."
    We saw a huge group of mirelurks in the river. I counted at least twelve.
    "Shit..." Lucy cursed, "What do we do?"
    "We can't take all those assholes,"John said,"I can barely tackle one!"
    "Shhhh... "Dave stopped them, "Be quiet, dumbasses."
    After about fifteen minutes of us ducking by some rubble they were gone, it was pretty
    "Well, "I said," Time to go?"
    "Yeah, come on." Dave commanded.
    We walked down the Potomac until we saw a few tents by the water. There was a girl
    and two dogs sitting by the water. A man came out of the other tent.
    "Hello!" Dave shouted.
    They turned around, nervously and came up to us.
    "You know a way into DC from here?" Lucy asked.
    "Um, I think so. There's a metro station over there across the river that you can use."
    said the lady.
    "Thank you, ma'am." John thanked.
    We headed to the metro station across the river. We did get a little wet, but what
    can ya do?
    We walked down the stairs and entered the metro station. The sign read, Farragut
    West Metro. The path looked familiar. This is where I first entered DC.
    "Hey, "I said, "This is how I got in before."
    "Oh, really?"John asked, "You know where to go, then?"
    "Uhhhh, well we just follow the tunnels." I told him, thinking.
    "Yeah, like every other metro, John." Lucy said.
    "Well." John said.
    We continued down through the tunnels. We heard a few mole rats ahead.
    "We got some mole rats, "Dave said.
    We got our weapons out. Dave, a laser rifle, Lucy, an assault rifle, John, a hunting
    rifle, and me, my shotgun. Six Mole Rats ran up to us and were eliminated quickly by
    our shots.
    "That was easy..." John said.
    "Yeah, let's go." Dave told us.
    I glanced at my Pip-Boy and the time said 9:45PM.
    "Damn, it's getting late." I said.
    "What time is it, Mr. Pip-Boy?" Asked Lucy.
    "Says 9:45."
    "Well, we better start looking for a place to rest." John said.
    "Yeah..." Dave agreed, "Here. A maintenance room." He opened the door.
    "Shit!" Lucy screamed, "Ghouls!"
    "Hey, hey, wait!" One screamed, "We're not feral, don't hurt us, please!"
    "Don't worry about it." I said to them, but then I heard bullets. Dave had shot them
    with a pistol.
    "Dave, what the hell?" Lucy snapped.
    "Can't trust ghouls," He said, "Can go feral anytime."
    "Come on, man!" I yelled.
    "Shut up, Vic," He yelled, "You know just as well as I do."
    "They weren't gonna go feral, man." I told him.
    "That's not how it works, " Lucy said," Dave, what the hell?!"
    "Doesn't matter, now,"He holstered the pistol,"Now we can sleep, John help me move
    these bodies."
    "Uhh.. sure." He said.
    They dragged the two dead ghouls out of the maintenance room.
    "What was that?" I whispered to Lucy.
    "I don't know, "She replied,"He does dumb stuff sometimes."
    "Well, that was just plain fucking stupid. " I said.
    "Come on, we need to sleep." Dave commanded as he walked back in.
    "Hold on," I said and walked out," I'll be right back."
    Well, that's it for today, now it's time to head back in there. I don't know about Dave,
    right now...
        <Beep, beep, beep>
        <Power: OFF>

August 3rd, 2277, 8:41PM

//    Today was rough. Damn rough. Rough, like a Brahmin kicking a Atom Worshipper into
    the the gates. I dunno what that means, but let me explain what happened.
    So, I woke up at around 10 and ate some sugar bombs. I grabbed my pack and checked
    my gear. I went outside and was immediately greeted by a battle. A few Regulaters
    were fighting a super mutant. The mutant had a damn minigun and was spraying the
    clan of regulaters. I grabbed my shotgun and fired at the mutant. It turned at me and
    "IT'S TIME TO DIE!" He yelled turning his gun in my direction.
    "Watch out, local!" One of the regulaters yelled. He took out his laser rifle and shot at
    the mutants head. It vaporized into ash and the rest of it's body collapsed onto the
    ground. The regulaters approached me.
    "You ok, local?" The man with the mustache asked me.
    "Uhh... yeah, thanks for the assist." I thanked him. They all holstered their weapons.
    "Hey, we're heading to DC, you want to join us, local?" The mustache guy offered. I
    guessed that he was the leader.
    "I guess so. Better to be with a bunch a friendlies than all alone." I replied.
    "You're right. What's your name? I'm Dave, they are John and Lucy."
    John had long hair and a rough beard, while Lucy had short Orange hair and was kind
    of cute.
    "I'm Vic." I replied. We started back to DC. I was nervous, but these guys looked tough.
    We walked for about three hours until we met a few raiders in a small camp. They
    didn't attack, and one of them walked up to us.
    "The fuck you want, bitches?" He insulted us.
    Dave responded with, "Well, you got somethin' to hide?"
    "Yeah, just so happens we do. Wanna see?" He replied. The other three raiders got up
    and came toward us. Dave, John, and Lucy got tense. So did I.
    "Want to see?" One of them shouted.
    "Yeah, bitches. Curious?"
    "Ha ha!"
    Dave made a strange sign with his hand behind him. Was it a signal? I didn't know.
    John and Lucy got their pistols and pointed them at the lead raider. Dave got his
    Laser Rifle and pointed it at him as well.
    "No funny buisness..." Dave said,"Now, you can walk away, or we can have a little...
    The raider spit it his face, "Fuck you." The other raiders took out their weapons but
    John and Lucy turned and shot two of them. The other one dropped his gun and ran.
    The leader got scared.
    "One last time. You want to hand over your gun and leave?" Dave asked nicely.
    "Uhh.. uh... y-yeah, s-s-s-s-sure m-man." He gave Dave a shotgun and walked slowly
    backwards, " C-can I g-go now?"
    "Sure." Dave said.
    The raider ran off. For his life. John and Lucy holstered their weapons and Dave lowered
    his, "So, that's how we do it."
    "Uh... yeah." I said nervously.
    "Don't worry 'bout anything." Lucy said comely.
    "Alright, we better start walkin'." Dave said.
    These guys meant buisness. They were regulaters. So was Richard, but he didn't seem
    as hardcore as these guys. We walked until dark. We found a little cave in the cliffs.
    Dave and John were putting up a block so that no one would attack us at night. Lucy
    and I were talking in the mean time.
    "So, what's your story, Vic?" She asked.
    "Well, I used to live in Megaton until I decided to go out adventuring the wasteland."
    "Well I met up with Dave a few years back and became a regulater. We met John three
    months ago. I guess you're the rookie now, ha."
    "Uhh.. yeah," I stumbled, "So, what exactly is a regulater?"
    "Well, it's our duty to protect the wasteland from scum and danger." She told me.
    "Like cops?" I asked.
    "Eh?" she questioned.
    "Well, I read a lot of pre-war books. They had police, or cops, that protected everyone."
    "Oh, heh, I don't read much."
    "Well, sometimes it's all you can do."
    John and Dave came back in and laid out their bedrolls. As did Lucy. I didn't have one
    and felt a little akward.
    "Wanna share, Vic?" Lucy asked.
    "Uhh..." I stumbled. "Yeah, I guess so. Hold on, I need to do something." I went outside
    by pushing a few rocks out, and started recording this log.
    I guess they're eatin', 'cause I can hear some crunching. Well, time to sleep, I guess.
        <Beep, beep, beep>

August 2nd, 2277, 10:18PM

//    Well, so I woke up in that Seneca Station at around noon. I went to thank those
    two ghouls.
    "No problem, smoothskin, come back if ya got anymore o' those sugar bombs."
    "Sure," I lied. I loved sugar bombs. I wasn't just going to give them out to people.
    After that, I left the seneca station and went west. I saw a group of guys carrying
    some guys with them. Slavers. I stayed back one of the buildings near Seneca. I
    could barely hear them talking, but I could...
    "Aha! We got those damn losers from the power station!"   
    "Yeah, weenies!"
    "Hahaha! Eulogy'll pay us nicely for you!"
    I wanted to help them, but I couldn't. Me up against two decked out slavers? They'd
    mutilate me. Or just enslave me. I wasn't going to deal with that. I crept along back
    south. Looks like the west was slaver territory. I saw an destroyed overpass ahead.
    I could make out some buildings on top of it. A town? I assumed so. I saw a few guys
    near the river talking. One was a tall old guy dressed darkly. The other seemed to
    be a young guy. About my age. I went toward them.
    "Who are you?" The older man asked me.
    "Just a wanderer. You guys live in that town up there?" I asked.
    "I do, but not Vance." The younger guy said.
    "Oh, what's going on up there? How do you get up?"
    "Well, you go on that side, " He pointed, "And you'll see a few wooden planks to walk
    "Oh, cool. Thanks. Where do you live?" I asked the older guy.
    "Over there." He replied, not pointing anywhere.
    "Oh, uh... ok. Thanks." I replied. I then walked over to the entrance to the overpass
    Arefu, the sign leading to the overpass said. Huh. I walked up and saw the wooden
    bridges. I carefully walked across. Eventually I came across an older man pointing
    an assault rifle at me.
    "Who are you? Why are you here?" He asked me.
    "I'm just a travler, why?" I told him.
    "You're not one of them, are you?" He shook his rifle.
    "The Family!" He yelled, "Are you?"
    "Uhhh... no. I'm not, why?"
    "They're a gang of bandits that keep messing with us!" He told me, holstering his gun.
    "You need help?" I inquired.
    "Sure, how about you kill all of those fucking bandits?" He whined, sarcastically.
    "Maybe I can help some other way?" I asked him, "You need supplies?"
    "No, we're fine. You should leave before they attack again."
    "Are you sure...?" I went on.
    "Yeah, we don't need you!" He snapped, "Leave, please!"
    "Uhhh... ok, sorry, I guess..." I turned around and went back down. He seemed to
    need help, but wouldn't accept any. Interesting.
    As I was heading back down the kid from the river was walking up.
    "Uh... hey." I greeted him.   
    "Eh." He replied.
    Eh, whatever. This town was full of loonies, anyway. I went back down and saw a
    brahmin pen to my left. Must belong to the town. I saw the older guy who was talking
    to the kid in the distance. He was heading north. I contemplated following him, but
    decided not to. He looked like trouble. I went west, looking out for slavers. If I
    met with them, life as I know it would end. Soon. I saw a building in the distance. It
    looked destroyed and had a few downed pole-like things around. It appeared to be
    a pre-war power station. Was it the one the slavers were talking about? I hoped not.
    Then again, they cleared the place out so they probably wouldn't return any time
    soon. I traveled inside. The place was a wreck. Knocked shelves, ruined books, the
    likes. It looked safe to spend the night. It was getting dark. I dropped my pack in the
    corner and went back outside for a bit. I looked around the building for anything
    useful. The night was getting closer, so I decided to head back inside. After further
    inspection I saw a few glowing Nuka-Colas like the one I found in Springvale. I never
    drank it, though. I sold it to Moira to inspect. I grabbed one of the three bottles and
    popped it open. It made a soothing shhhh sound. I took the cap and threw it into my
    pack. I drank the Quantum Nuka-Cola. It tasted... odd. Like sugar mixed with sugar
    mixed with more sugar. Damn. It was intense. It tasted amazing, though. I grabbed
    another one and gulped it down. All that soda made my bladder queezy. I went outside
    to take a piss break. I was freaked as fuck to see that the damn stuff made my pee
    glow! Holy Shit! I decided not to drink the other one, because I wasn't sure if it
    had any negative side effects. I went inside and readied for sleep. I ate some Cram
    and and YumYum Eggs. Nasty, but I wanted to finish it off before it spoiled. Even
    though, out here in the wasteland, everything was spoiled.
    I guess it's time for sleep now. Bye.
        <Beep, beep, beep>
        <Power: OFF>

August 1st, 2277, 9:31PM

//    Ah, ok. I left Megaton today. I woke up, ate some Sugar Bombs, packed up, and left.
    I walked out around 10:30 and met a trade caravan outside. Sheriff Simms was talking
    to the man who ran the caravan. I walked up and they were talking.
    "Well, sir. Is that all?" The man who ran the caravan asked Simms. He wore a fancy
    "Yes, Hoff. Thank you," Simms replied and carried some stimpaks, "Why, Vic, you
    leavin' already?"
    "Yeah," I replied, "What's he got?" I asked.   
    "Chems n' meds," He told me,"Buy some, so you don't die out there." He chuckled.
    "Yeah..." I walked over to the caravan, up to the fancy man, "You sell?"
    "Yes, my name is Doc Hoff," He replied, "What do you need?"
    "Uhh, have any stims?" I asked.
    "Ahh, let us see what the good doctor has," He went to the pack brahmin and opened
    up a bag. He took out a few stimpaks, "How many?"
    "How much?"
    "23 caps a piece."
    "Ok, I'll take..."I thought. I had about six, so a few more would be helpful, "Ten?"
    "Ok, sir," He grabbed the stims and I grabbed the caps, "Here, don't die!"
    "Thanks." I put the stims in my pack and went off. I traveled toward Vault 101. I
    liked the cave there, and wondered if it was open or not. I opened the wooden
    door and saw the giant steel 101 door. Guess not. I left the cave and went toward
    the north. I saw gunfire in the distance. A few raiders were fighting some big furry
    things. They looked tough. I ducked by a rock and pulled out my shotgun, in case
    the battle traveled over here. I saw one of the big creatures rip a raider's arm off
    with it's teeth. Shit. I almost crapped my pants. The other two raiders started
    running for their lives. The creatures chased them down. One lept and tackled a
    raider and blood squirted around. The other raider shot the mauling creature with
    a laser rifle. It's fur was instantly vaporized, but it didn't go down. The other creature
    started to run after the lone raider. He threw his weapon and dashed away. A big
    explosion occured behind him. He was tossing grenades as he ran. One of the
    explosions caught one of the creatures. It exploded into a frenzy of blood and guts.
    The other creature turned back and fled. The raider turned and looked back, shouting
    insults at the monster. A nearby explosion from his grenade bounced him backword.
    "SHIT!" I could hear him yell from so far away. He crawled away and dashed off.
    After that fiasco, I continued, cautiously toward that direction. I saw a town in the
    distance. I went toward it. It was boarded and I couldn't find a way in. Was it
    abandoned? No, I saw some people inside. I went around and saw a path inside.
    "H-h-hey! Who ar-are you??!!" Some dude with a rifle pointed at me.
    "Just traveling. What is this place?"
    "You ain't want n-nothin' to do with Big Town, bud. Best you leave before y-you
    get hurt!" He threatened.
    "Why, what's wrong?" I inquired.
    "N-n-nothin'! We don't need no help! Muties'll kill us all anyway."
    "Muties? Like, super mutants?"
    "Yeah, you fuckin' stupid or s-somethin'?"
    "Hey, whatever man." I turned and left. He was being an asshole, anyway. I guess
    they got attacked by super mutants or something. Eh, whatever.
    After that, I went northwest, across the Potomac. It was getting late, so I
    started looking for a place to spend the night. I saw a few buildings and a
    metro entrance. Northwest Seneca Station, the sign said. I traveled down into the
    metro and saw a barrel with a flame in it near a door. I crept toward the doorway.
    I heard a few people talking inside. Ghouls, by the sound of it.
    "UGH! Barret! You stepped on my box!"
    "Well, damn it, sorry Murphy."
    "Ah, whatever. Nothin' important in 'ere anyway."
    "Wait a sec..."
    "Shut up, a sec.. I hear something.."
    I was near the doorway and heard one of the ghouls walk over.
    "Who th' fuck are you?" He pointed an assualt rifle at me.
    "S-Sorry, man. I was just lookin' for a place to stay."
    "Yeah, yeah, well get the hell outta here," He barked, "We don't need any of your
    kind here."
    "Well wait a second," The other ghoul said walking out,"Are you here to sabatoge me?
    'Cause I won't have that."
    "No, I was just looking for a place to sleep for the night. Why? What are you doing?"
    "Listen, kid. I'll let you stay in this place. Only if you have any Sugar bombs."
    "Murphy, he could be-"
    "Come on, Barret, look at him. Doesn't look like one of them."
    I went in my pack and grabbed a box of sugar bombs, "Uh, yeah. Why?"
    "You see, I'm tryin' to make something called Ultrajet. Normal Jet don't do much for
    ghouls, you see. So I'm trying to up the formula."
    "Ah, I see," I handed him the box. I still had about ten boxes, but I won't give them
    just yet. I love sugar bombs," Here."
    "Thanks, smoothskin. You can stay over there if ya want." He pointed to a room across
    the hall.
    "Uhh. Thanks." I walked over to the room and layed against the wall.
    Well, that's it for today.
        <Beep, beep, beep>
        <Power: OFF>

July 17th, 2277, 11:54PM

//    So, I should start off with last night. The raiders were on a patrol. There were four of
    them. I couldn't take them all by myself. So I decided to just sneak away. One heard
    me. I almost shit my pants. I ran. They chased me. We were on a road. I ducked behind
    an old vehicle. I searched my pack for anything that would assist me. I actually
    didn't need anything. A frag mine went off and blew three of them into bits. I
    sighed in relief. I pulled out my pistol and finished off the last one with a few shots
    to the chest. He went down. I went back to the shack and slept until 8AM today.
    I dusted off and continued north toward Megaton. I fought a few mole rats and
    it was a simple job. I saw the massive metal walls in the distance. I was almost there!
    Well, I ran into trouble. I saw three flying things in the sky race south. They fired missles
    down upon the ground. A few almost tore me up. Damn, I'm lucky. I dashed toward
    Megaton ang got there at 1. I opened the main gate and was greeted by Simms.
    "Hey, Vic. I remember you, how ya been?" He asked.
    "Well. I came to see how the attack went. Everyone ok?" I asked, worrying.
    "Those raiders? Yeah, we shot 'em up. I killed that Boppo bastard." He told me.
    I sighed, "Well, glad everyone's ok. Gonna go look around."    
    "Yeah, be safe, Vic."
    I went down to se Jenny Stahl at the Brass Lantern for some food.
    "He-hey...Vic?" She greeted me.
    "Yeah, decided to come back for a while." I told her, "Can I buy some Sugar Bombs?"
    "Still eatin' that crap, eh Vic?" She laughed, "Still a kid, I see. 17?" She handed me a
    "Yeah, 18 on August 23rd." I handed the 9 caps, "Thanks."
    "Take Care."
    I went to go to Moriarty's and have a drink. I walked in and was greeted by a woman
    named Nova.
    "Hey, baby. Enjoy the place will ya?" She said to me.
    "Yeah.. thanks."
    She went and leaned against the wall. Who was she? Silver's replacement? I sat on a
    "Hey, smoothski- wait a sec... Vic? the kid that left? Nice to see ya." Gob greeted me.
    "Hey, Gob. I went to Underworld on my travels." I told him.
    "Wow, really? How was it?" He asked. He poured me a drink and gave it to me.
    "Interesting. I escorted a ghoul named Joe there," I took a sip. Whiskey. "Tough road."   
    "Sure is. Hey, you see a girl named Carol there?"
    "Yeah, stayed there for two days. Why?" I took another sip. Was like water.
    "She used to take care o' me back when I was there." He was cleaning glasses.
    "Cool. If I go back, I'll talk to her," I finished the glass, "Well, thanks Gob. See you
    'round!" I said.   
    "Yeah, Vic. See ya."
    I left the saloon dodging Moriarty at all costs. Didn't like him. Never did. I went to the
    common house and set up to sleep. Now, I'm here recording.
    I also decided to stay in Megaton for a week or so. I wanted to heal up my ankle and
    take a break for a while so I won't make any recordings unless something interesting
    happens. See ya-
        <Beep, beep, beep>
        <Power: OFF>

July 16th, 2277, 7:38PM

//    Well, damn. I was heading to Megaton today to check up on things. I decided not to
    go through DC and head around. I passed the Jefferson Memorial and there were
    Super Mutants EVERYWERE! I almost got caught and that wouldn't have been pretty.
    I fought a few Mirelurks on the way, but they weren't much of a problem. I fought
    them when I was a kid when a mirelurk got near Megaton. Back in...I wanna say
    2269, I think. Anyway, I popped three shells into each of their faces. That's were
    you gotta shoot 'em. Their whole body is armored. 'Cept their faces, that is. After that
    I trailed along the outskirts of DC. Nothing was there. Just... the wind. I passed a
    flooded metro station and some Ghouls came out of it. I shot them with my hunting
    rifle and they fell back into the station. I then turned north. I saw a huge raider camp
    around the Red Racer Factory. I decided to sneak around them. I continued north and
    fought a few radscorps on the way. Three of them started crawling toward me.
    I pulled out my Shotgun and killed them each with just a few shots. I knew that one
    sting and I'd be down for a while. It was getting dark, so I decided to lay low in a
    shack. So now, I'm recording this and going to-
//    (Distant) "Anyone 'ere, 'mate?"
//    Fuck. Raiders.
        <Beep, beep, beep>

July 15th, 2277, 10:03PM

//    I decided to rest in Rivet City today. I woke up at around 11, and ate at the Stayley's.
    I had some Mirelurk Cakes. The tasted funky but ok. I recieved word that Megaton
    was attacked by a gang of raiders. They said that Simms took out the leader. I hope
    they're ok. I should go check on them. I couldn't, though. My arm was still a little
    weird and my ankle was getting infected. I saw Preston after breakfast, or whatever
    a meal was called at 11. He put some medicine on the ankle wound and bandaged it.
    He told me not to run or strain it in any way. I gave him 98 caps for the exam.
    I then went back to the market. I went to see Seagrave Holmes about buying some
    Duct tape to fix up my Shotgun. He had some. I gave hime 3 caps for it. I went back
    to my hotel room and patched up my gun. Nothing else really happened today. I want
    to go back to Megaton tomorrow, though. To see what's going on.
        <Beep, beep, beep>
        <Power: OFF>

July 14th, 2277, 11:35PM

//    Rivet City is massive. Huge. Giant. Safe.
    Anyway today's event were kind of hectic. But I'm still alive. Right?
    So I left Anacostia and my leg felt better. Still a little stingy but ok to walk on. Not run.
    I left the metro and saw three dead bodies. They wore Talon Co. Armor. Who are
    they? I checked the bodies for supplies. I found a notice. It said.
    "Orders, Kill notice: Paladin Tristan   
    At all costs this paladin must die. The Brotherhood isn't on our list but this guy is
    I want you, Phil and Dimitri to track him down and end him. Bring his head back as
    proof.  Don't die."
    Looks like they died. Heh, so these  guys want a Paladin dead? Jameson was tough
    and this guys sounds tougher. Paladin Tristan, eh? I'll remember that.
    I don't think that these guys were killed by him, though. I followed a trail of blood and
    10MM casings around the block and saw a Regulator and Ghoul. The ghoul seemed to
    be a regulater also. Looks like a deadlock. I checked them and found nothing of interest.
    Just ammo and a few Stimpaks. I saw Rivet City to my left. It was a massive boat with
    I giant rotating ramp. The ramp connected to a scaffold-type ramp. I climbed up and
    saw a man, extremely ill, laying on the path.
    "You need help...?" I asked.   
    "Wa...wa....wate...ter..." He moaned.
    "Water? I have some. Here." I reached into my pack and grabbed a bottle of water
    that I bought from Underworld.
    "No... not that. Has to be fresh. I can't drink that.... irradiated...anymore.."
    "That's all I have. I'm...I'm sorry. Why don't you go to Rivet City?"   
    "They...won't.. accept me...."
    "Why not?
    "They...they...." He passed out. I saw an intercom and pressed the button.
    "Welcome to Rivet City." It buzzed. The ramp moved over and
    I walked to the ramp. a man on the other side stopped me.
    "Stop right there. Who are you and what buisness do you have here?" He asked.
    "Just passing through. Is there a doctor here?" I told him.
    "Yeah, at the back. Don't make a mess."
    "I'll try not to." He let me pass and I saw two doors. I was confused.
    "Market, and rooms." He pointed to the doors.
    "Thanks." I opened the door to the market and it was crowded. Tons of people were
    walking around. People were exchanging items and caps were clanging. I saw a man
    to my left. There were weapons strewn across the table. I approached him, "Hello?"
    "If you want any of this shit, just say so." He told me, smug.
    "Uhh... yeah. I'd like 100 caps worth of shotgun shells." I gave him the caps.
    "Sure, 50 shells." He gave them to me. I put them in my pack, "Come back. This is
    Flak n' Shrapnel's."
    I went across the main area and went to a clothing shop.
    "Welcome to Potomac Attire." The well-dressed man told me. "My name is Bannon."
    "So... got any armor here?" I inquired.
    "Why, yes. I have some Leather Armor." He showed me.
    "Sure, that looks good, I'll take it."
    "192 caps."
    "Seems fair." I handed him the caps, "Thanks."   
    I went to the bathroom near the market to put on the leather armor. As I was equiping
    it, I heard gunfire from the market. I grabbed my pistol and peeked through door. I
    saw three bodies on the ground. The shops were empty. Raiders came through the
    main door. Six of them. The security was across the main area, in cover, shooting
    assualt rifles at the clump of raiders. Two raiders were hit and fell. The other's
    dashed into cover. I was behind them and decided to flank. I holstered my pistol, and
    brought out my Rifle. I aimed at a raider's head. I took the shot and her head blew
    off. The other three raiders saw me and ran at me. The Security on the other side
    took advantage of them crossing and took shots. Two more fell. The last raider aimed
    his laser pistol at me and fired. The laser hit my right arm. It went completely numb.
    Shrapnel came through the main door and smashed the lone raider in the head with
    a baseball bat. His teeth flew out of his mouth and blood dribbled down his nose.
    "You ok?!" He screamed at me. The other security officers went to help the people
    caught in the cross fire.
    "I...I...can't feel my arm..." My arm was numb and felt a little burning sensation.
    "Dr. Preston is coming, hold on." He went to help the others.
    After he inspected me, he said my arm would be ok in about six hours. He told me to
    go talk to Vera Weatherly to rent a hotel room for the night. I went over to her
    across to the ship and asked her for a room. She told me 120 caps. I complied and
    handed her the money. She gave me the key and I went into the room. I went to
    the bed and placed my gear on it. I ate some Sugar Bombs and started recording.
    I still can barely feel my arm, but it's getting better. I hope.
        <Beep, beep, beep>
        <Power: OFF>

July 13th, 2277, 7:32PM

//    Well I didn't make it to Rivet City yet. I'm staying in Anacostia Metro for the night.
    I heard a bunch of commotion and gunfire above, so I'll just stay here. So to recap
    the day.
    I left Underworld at around 10AM. Jameson had gone back to the Washington Monument
    yesterday. I snuck around through the Mall. Dodging Super Mutants. I arrived at a
    metro tunnel and went through. I had trouble with a few mole rats. I pulled my shotty
    out and shot the one. The other dashed around and dodged my shots. I pulled out my
    pistol and rapid fired near the rat. I got it after about three shots. I shot it again and
    it died. I continued and heard some raiders. I wanted to avoid raiders at all costs but
    one of them saw me. There were two of them.
    "Doucheballs! A fucker over there!" One of them screamed. He had a distinct accent.
    I reached for my rifle. I checked it and it was full. I dashed around the corner and shot
    the accented one in the leg twice. He screamed and fell down.
    "Asswipe!" The other one screamed. He had a similar accent.
    I reloaded my rifle and dashed into cover by a broken wall. The one I shot was till
    screaming. I took out my pistol and blindfired around the corner. The shots pinged
    off of the pipes in the roof. I was way off. The raider was threataning me and shooting
    wildly. I reloaded my pistol and replaced it with my shotgun. I then charged out and shot
    at him. The shots hit his chest. Some pellets pinged off his armor the other sunk in.
    He would've been ok. If I didn't shoot again. This time I hit his head. It no longer
    resembled a head. A human head, anyway.
    Then, a sharp pain hit my ankle. The raider on the ground threw a knife at my leg.
    It hurt like hell. I took out my pistol and placed it on his forehead. He spit at me and
    said, "Do it, cunt!"   
    I took the shot. His brains splattered on the ground behind him. I limped over to the
    broken wall were I took cover. I sat down and took some medical equipment out of
    my pack at tried to fix it up. It wasn't much but it helped. I sat there for about three
    hours and got up. I limped further in the tunnels. I needed to find a doctor. Maybe
    at Rivet City. Hopefully. It was starting to get a little better. It wasn't a deep cut, but
    it still hurt like hell. I then heard the battle outside. I went back in a bit into a
    maintenance room and set up camp. I used a stimpak and ate some Mutfruit and
    some sugar bombs. It's time for sleep.
        <Beep, beep, beep>
        <Power: OFF>

July 12th, 2277, 1:08PM

//    So I woke up at around 10. I went to the Concourse and saw a crowd. A girl named
    Sydney was saying hi to a few of the residents. She wasn't a ghoul, though. I approached
    her and said hi.
    "So, you a ghoul ...?" She said comically.
    "Nope, just a dude. What are you doing here? Spending the night like me?" I asked.   
    "Nah, I come here sometimes. Most ghouls don't hit on me, " She said, "I'm heading to
    the archives to fetch this thing for a guy up at Rivet City."
    "Rivet City?" I asked, I've heard of it, but didn't know where it was.
    "Let me see that pip-boy o' yours?" She put here hand out. I complied, "Here."
    She marked it and I thanked her.
    "See you around, I guess." I said.   
    "Sure, by the way, what's you name? I'm Sydney."    
    She walked around to say hi to few people. I went back to my room to collect my pack.
    After thinking. I decided to stay in Underworld for another day. I handed Carol another
    120 and went back to my room.
    I'll head to Rivet City tommorow.
        <Beep, beep, beep.>
        <Power: OFF.